Gosund smart plug mac address

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How to remotely get the state of your HS100 smart plug

Unless your Tasmota powered device exhibits a problem or you need to make use of a feature that is not available in the Tasmota version currently installed on your device, leave your device alone - it works so don't make unnecessary changes! If the release version i. The Tasmota development codebase is checked every hours for changes. The last compiled commit number is also indicated on the same page.

It is important to note that these binaries are based on the current development codebase. These commits are tested as much as is possible and are typically quite stable. However, it is infeasible to test on the hundreds of different types of devices with all the available configuration options permitted. Note that there is a chance, as with any upgrade, that the device may not function as expected.

Merkury Innovations Smart Plug, 1-Pack

You must always account for the possibility that you may need to flash the device via the serial programming interface if the OTA upgrade fails. Even with the master release, you should always attempt to test the device or a similar prototype before upgrading a device which is in production or is hard to reach.

And, as always, make a backup of the device configuration before beginning any firmware update. If your device connects to mains electricity AC power there is danger of electrocution if not installed properly. If you don't know how to install it, please call an electrician Beware: certain countries prohibit installation without a licensed electrician present.

It is not worth the risk to yourself, your family and your home if you don't know exactly what you are doing.

Smart Power Strip (Only for USA)

We don't take any responsibility nor liability for using this software nor for the installation or any tips, advice, videos, etc. Please do not ask to add new devices unless it requires additional code for new features. If the device is not listed as a module, try using Templates first.

Please refer to the installation and configuration articles in our documentation. See wiki migration path for instructions how to migrate to a major version. Pay attention to the following version breaks due to dynamic settings updates:. For a database of supported devices see Tasmota Device Templates Repository.

gosund smart plug mac address

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Smart Plug, Works with Amazon Alexa - LITEdge

Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Latest commit ada Apr 12, If you like Tasmotagive it a star, or fork it and contribute! Note Please do not ask to add new devices unless it requires additional code for new features.

It assures keeping your custom settings when you download and compile a new version. Configuration Information Please refer to the installation and configuration articles in our documentation. Migration Information See wiki migration path for instructions how to migrate to a major version.This topic has been marked solved and closed to new posts due to inactivity.

We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. Start a New Discussion. I just upgraded to the Orbi.

I finally got the majority of my smart plugs working, IHome brand. The app, during setup, wants me to change to a 2. I have tried swiching channels on the Orbi for the 2. I also am using Windows 10 on the computer. Any help would be appreciated. Go to Solution. This is a problem of the IoT mfr setup software. They are not considering weather the setup device can be on a 5Ghz while the IoT device only supports 2.

gosund smart plug mac address

Both radios are attached to the same network so it shouldn't matter which frequecy the setup device is attached too. Keeping the setup device as far away from the Orbi as possible, the setup device should then connect to the 2. You may need to turn off the wifi radio on the setup device then back on after the power change to the Orbi router.

View solution in original post. Then using your phone, get phsyically far away from orbi with the intent of it having to get on the 2. They need to fix there SW!. Stop blaming MESH systems!!!

Yes, hopefully. That would be nice to have the ability to turn off either radio temporaily. Though operation may cause issues so I presume NG is thinking about that as well. I have a security camera that does this. Very very very few do so That's a design to fail. Good luck with such garbage! Still better to reconfigure just a single security camera than all the many dozens of IoT, mobiles, whatever I did this on my Orbi install and I would estimate half of the devices needed to be reconfigured.

It saves time tho! Many of the questions included "Cannot get this thing to connect. It seems almost obvious that there are a gadzillion Chinese firms marketing the same product under different names. If all of the other smart plugs are iHome and this is the only one that is disappointing, I would probably give it to someone I am not friends with and get more iHome.

I don't personally use iHome, and won't start for this reason. I have too many TP-Link and Aukey plugs already. Does this use the same smartphone control app as iHome? I put over in the good idea section they need to have the capability of clicking a checkbox to temporarily turn off each band's radio. You could turn off the 5g which would force your phone and devices to 2. Click here for our top support FAQs.With its energy monitoring feature, you will be able to keep track of your energy consumption and identify electrical vampires at home.

This feature allows you to switch your home devices on and off with the sound of your voice. Most especially if you have limited space and a number of home devices to automate.

It has 3 additional USB slots that you can use for your gadgets such as your mobile phones, tablets and many others. With regards to the 3 additional USB slots, you can only have one command for all three for they are built to be controlled as one single unit. The Gosund power strip offers you not only the convenience of home automation but also the protection you need against power surges.

Sudden power surges can destroy your electronics and home appliances in an instant and it can happen anytime. The scheduler function on the other hand allows you to automatically switch your devices on and off based on your daily routines. Only 4 products left!

Only 18 products left! Only 17 products left! Close menu. Shopping Cart. Add To Cart. Add to cart. Surge Protector The Gosund power strip offers you not only the convenience of home automation but also the protection you need against power surges.

Unavailable Sold Out.In stock at San Leandro, Davis St. This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. I am enjoying these smart plugs.

They are convenient and super easy to set up. I have other smart plugs but these works as well with Alexa and are way less expensive. I have hooked mine into my coffee machine and it has my coffee waiting for me. Super fun! Great help on Crazzy Mornings!! I don't have a device like this in my home, me and my husband did plan on purchasing some soon, but I received this smart plug complimentary.

I am so happy with my experience so far. I have our stereo plugged in to the smart plug and I have it setup to turn on when me and my husband wake up in the morning, and then we have it set to turn off when we leave for my husband to go to work and I go out to run chores. This is a great device, it don't get in the way of the other plug on the outlet.

gosund smart plug mac address

I think the price is great and so far this device is doing great. I do highly recommend this smart plug, but if I do have any problems whatsoever in the first year of owning this device I will update this review and let everyone know.

Vacuum while away or heat up the coffee maker I like to use the robot vaccuum and this allows us to power it up while we are out. Easy to use and extremely helpful. This smart plug was so easy to set up. I actually set it up to control the power to my Merkury WiFi camera. The camera is always on if it has power, but I don't need it recording my every move, so I set up a routine with Alexa and this smart plug.

When I leave the house I can say, "Alexa, goodbye" it turns on the smart plug, powering on the camera!They work fine with the smart life app, they work fine with Alexa, but I would like them to work with ST.

They are Wifi only. I have also purchased a couple of these plugs and trying to figure out how to integrate with ST. Is there documentation on how to do custom integration? Answering part of my own post. You can write custom integration code. These sockets have been on sale for cheap for the last months and they keep coming back. Currently have 8 at home and expecting 4 more!. In a short sentence: it is possible but not the classical way; it will require some knowledge and it is kind of tedious.

I just keep picking them up on eBay cheap. My use case is specific, and really warrants no reporting on power consumption or anything. Only automation needs to a turn off when told by Alexa, and b turn back on when turned off. Specifications PDF here. Firmware can be updated either through the physical UART interface on the module itself, or via cloud server. The big issue with using a similar custom firmware solution to give direct SmartThings control of these CDT-N module-based smart plugs is that you will land up destroying the plastic case in order to gain physical access to the UART programming interface.

Do the same with OFF and for each of the devices you need to bridge. Then if you are using Google Assistant or Alexa, make sure you unlink your SmartLife account from it and only link ST to your assistant. For the most part it may take one extar second to see results when you request them. Has anyone had any luck getting smart socket integrated with ST? I just picked up a few of these Mini Smart Sockets dirt cheap.

CaptKRK August 25,pm 2. CaptKRK August 30,pm 3. Hello, I am trying to get that done as well, how did u get the bridged? Thanks a lot! Hope this helps! All Rights Reserved.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. The Gosund SP1, also offered from other companies like Homecube etc. Most plugs only habe switch features or a much more expensive. If anybody could hack that device and get Tasmota working, that would be great. That are the links to the product:.

Meanwhile, with the help of another experienced developer, we have found out the following inputs for the SP1: This is the wiring of the used ESPS3 board: and the energy monitor chips is a HJL which has the same wiring as the HLW but need another driver code. Is nobody interested in suppprting this very common large familiy of SP1 devices from many different brands like: Gosund, Coosa, Homecube Hey it would be great if someone could add the device.

There exists a lot of this devices with different names on Amazon for example. I ordered this. It was added in the newest espurna release named as blitzwolf-bwshp2. Espurna now supports these plugs including power monitoring. After troubling ordering the correct energy monitoring device with Amazon I'll see if Tasmota will work with it. Yes I tried the pow module.

No you where wrong the Ablue has definitely the energy monitor inside!! I have checked it bevor with the original software. And the espurna blitzwolf. Ok yes I think all the different brands with the same factor of the sockets have the same hardware inside. If it is mentioned in the description, then they have a energy monitor too. I opened the SP1 thread in espurna and tasmota and the espurna team solved it first with some contribution from my side see also the pin layout at the beginning of the post.

I guess the HLW library with the seetings in hardware. If someone does the work, tasmota could benefit and would support a plenty of other smart plugs with engery monitoring. I assume it's the same SP1 based product as used by: Gosund, Homecube, Coosa, Blitzwolf and many others companies mostly the same product. If you open it and it has a HJL, it has energy monitoring. This library might solve this as it did for Espruna.Provides consumers with the easiest and the most cost-effective smart home system solution.

The space-saving slim design does not cover the second outlet and leaves a room to plug-in another device. Gosund with its products won the attention in the fair. It has been successfully held for 29 years. With the most concentrate. With the continuous development of technology, the original seemingly unreachable 'smart home' is gradually being a necessity in our daily life. With its many characteristics such as intelligence, safety and environmental protection, smart home ra.

Of course, you can use your smart devices like smart plug or smart light switch in order to turn your lights and appliances on or off and set them on timers.

But smart assistants could help you do much more for the purpose of automating your dumb applianc. It is always great to bring your smart devices into a unified smart home environment so as to work solidly together.

This article will reveal into the best smart home devices such as smart hubs, smart assistants, and wireless network protocols. What is a Sm. Powered by EyouCms. English Chinese. Company News Industry News. About us Become a distributor Contact us. WiFi Smart Plug WP9 The space-saving slim design does not cover the second outlet and leaves a room to plug-in another device. Your browser does not support video tags. One-touch Smart Home System.

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